Unraveling the ERM Quagmire: Demystifying Enterprise Risk Management

January 25, 2019



The latest buzz in healthcare organizations is the growing trend to adopt an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework to proactively address all risks the organization faces. Today’s complex healthcare environment requires organizations to implement creative and effective ways to identify and manage all clinical and non-clinical risks, all while adapting to the constantly evolving demands on the healthcare industry. 

ERM makes sense as an effective way to shift from a reactive risk management program to a proactive and holistic one.

This presentation will utilize a scenario to demonstrate the synergies across an organization related to the many types of risk they may face. Attend this presentation to learn how to:

  • Define Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Articulate the ERM infrastructure and align the organization’s risk profile, risk financing needs, and strategic objectives
  • State the role of ERM in the healthcare industry’s uncertain environment





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