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Managing Patient Safety Events with Bryan Health

April 6, 2016


In this webinar, Sue Corkill, Bryan Health's Clinical Systems Analyst will walk attendees through the health system's structure for reporting, and the methodologies used for capturing information on patient safety events. 

Learning objectives for this presentation:

Learn about Bryan Health and why the health system reports their patient safety events.
Methodologies and process for reviewing and managing patient safety events.
How the health system developed an additional tool to help teams in classifying patient safety events.
How Bryan Health uses RL6 modules to capture and manage patient safety events and use tools within the system to help promote and drive change.


Sue Corkill
Clinical Systems Analyst, Organizational Quality
Bryan Health

Sue Corkill has been a nurse for almost 40 years now. She spent most of her career working in teaching hospitals in the operating room and with esophageal surgery patients. She enjoys teaching and has always been involved in preparing and presenting continuing education offerings for nurses and others. Sue made the transition into Quality about ten years ago when she started the NSQIP program at her then employer. Born in Lincoln, NE, Sue returned home to work in Organizational Quality at Bryan Medical Center in 2011 and transitioned into managing the RL Risk system several years ago.

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