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HIPAA Events in RL6

September 15, 2017


Join us for a webinar about how McFarland Clinic utilizes electronic reporting to submit HIPAA incidents and their journey migrating from a "homegrown" system and paper-based process to RL. 

You will learn: 

  • How they developed a process for customized reporting to assure adherence to HIPAA. 
  • Challenges in customizing the process for the Clinic's and HIPAA's specific needs. 
  • Results of improved efficiency since transitioning to reporting exclusively using RL6:Risk. 
  • McFarland Clinic is a physician-owned private practice multi-specialty clinic employing 270 physicians/APPS and 1100 staff and serving 12 locations in central Iowa.

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Jill Deimerly
Patient Relations / Risk Management
McFarland Clinic

Amy Turner
Privacy Coordinator
McFarland Clinic

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