Hardwiring HRO with Ochsner

September 25, 2018

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In 2016, Ochsner Medical Center – North Shore (OMC-NS) realized that the Safety Committee which was intended to identify and address important safety issues for patients was not working. Healthcare facilities are making the effort to becoming highly reliable organizations (HRO). During one of Ochsner Health System’s strategic planning meetings, their Executive CEO was discussing the need for all facilities to push to become highly reliable. 

It was OMC-NS's good fortune to have just gotten a new Board member, Mr. Freddie Douglas.  Mr. Douglas, is the Safety Officer for one of the most highly reliable organizations known today, NASA. He began discussing NASA’s approach to safety and agreed to present the NASA safety model to the OMC-NS team. 

Learn about the insights Ochsner gained from NASA and how they were able to implement NASA’s own HRO practices within their organization to completely redesign their safety committee and greatly improve its impact on the organization.

Join us in this webinar as the presenters share details about:
    • The Safety Committee - a broken process
    • Visit to NASA
    • Safety Advisory Committee Redesign
    • Empowering Staff

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