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Improving Safety Takes 15 Minutes a Day!

November 18, 2016


At Bassett Medical Center, emerging worries about the culture of safety became apparent in mid-2014. Patient safety event reporting was “stalled out,” and near miss reporting was declining. Leaders were not communicating in a meaningful way about safety concerns. Event investigation and resolution was significantly delayed. Finally, repeat issues were surfacing that were thought to have been “fixed” previously. Bassett Medical Center embarked on developing a safety huddle structure and system that employed a number of novel approaches in order to encourage and sustain engagement and accountability. As a result, the huddle quickly became an embedded and beloved part of the organization’s safety infrastructure. The resulting success has exceeded expectations.


Jackelyn Fleury, BS
Performance Improvement Coordinator and Policy Management Analyst
Bassett Medical Center

Ronette M. Wiley, RN, BSN, MHSA, CPPS
Vice President of Performance Improvement 
Bassett Medical Center

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