Sprinkling Pixie Dust on Patient Experience

April 12, 2017


Using customer service principles in a healthcare setting seems like an “out-of-the-box” method to improve patient experience efforts. However, you’d be surprised with how transferable the lessons learned from a quality customer service leader can develop your front-line staff members. This webinar will assist in understanding healthcare's unique customer mix, explain how to listen to the unmet need and establish behavioral expectations for staff by using these methods.


Elizabeth "Liddy" Deacon
Patient Experience Manager
Ochsner Health System

Elizabeth "Liddy" Deacon has been working in a Patient Relations capacity for over 7 years with Ochsner Health System. Prior to joining Ochsner, she worked with The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida, who trained her in the art of true, quality customer service. Through her transition from the hospitality industry to healthcare, she has been able to share her skill set with other staff members for the betterment of the organization. By leveraging this particular skill set, she has been successful in implementing multiple initiatives that not only relate to Patient Relations but help improve the overall patient experience.

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