Creating Your Safety Reporting Community

August 22, 2016 Laura Kavanagh

One of the things I love about supporting our webinars is the amazing and creative ways our clients use technology and effective communication strategies to support their incident reporting initiatives.

In our latest webinar with Julia Caristi, Risk and Quality Specialist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE), we were introduced and walked through MEE’s strategies to tackle the challenge of improving incident reporting. In case you may have missed the presentation, here’s a quick recap of some of the strategies MEE took to support their initiatives.

  • MEE clearly defined its goals in what they wanted to achieve with this initiative. These goals were used in each and every step of the process to ensure that their new processes aligned back to their original plan.
  • MEE created a steering committee by gathering a core group of employees who shared the same goals and objectives to kick-start its committee team.
  • Weekly office hours were utilized to allow people to chat with the quality management team 1-on-1 to address questions and areas of difficulty with a product and process specialist.

To learn more about how the team implemented these strategies and the various tactics they took to achieve this, watch the on-demand recording and download the webinar slides!


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