Things We Read and Loved: What's in the news

August 3, 2016 Sonia Hong and Kaitlyn Whelan

At RL, we’re passionate about healthcare and a part of staying at the forefront includes staying up to snuff with what’s in the news. Here are some of the things we've read and loved that have inspired and made us think a little differently. After all, these are the issues that may ultimately shape the landscape of not only where we all work, but our communities.


Like many people, Steve Daniels lives with a chronic disease. In this first person essay, he talks about his experiences and the idea of Clinical Empathy for patients and doctors, and how it has been linked to improved outcomes for patients.


Many thought that the Ice Bucket Challenge would be an ice cold reality check on the failures of Slacktivism. It wasn’t.


20 million Americans are now covered under “Obamacare”, with an increase of 14.3 million jobs. Take a look at back at the monumental moments.


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) is raising awareness for patient mental harm events, and treating them with the same formality as physical harm events.
Having a long career and politics, and being a mother to a child with special needs, Christine Elliot has been appointed as the new patient ombudsman for Canada. This role is to prioritize patient needs and issues within the Canadian healthcare system.

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