Things We Read and Loved: Inspiration

August 31, 2016 Kaitlyn Whelan and Sonia Hong

We love staying up to date on all things healthcare! Here are some stories we read this month that inspire us to think a little differently and do the work that we do. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Healthcare’s Superheroes: How Psychology, storytelling and design could create more effective healthcare, and save lives
Antibiotic resistance is an ongoing concern. A team at IDEO uses design thinking, psychology and behavioral science to tackle this head on with storytelling

Paraplegics are Learning to Walk Again With Virtual Reality
Researchers studying brain activity are now using virtual reality to help paraplegic people regain partial sensation and muscle control in their lower limbs

The World’s Largest Mosquito Factory
When we hear outbreak, we think vaccination. But what else can we do to ensure that we stop an epidemic at its root? The Atlantic provides a fascinating photo essay about scientists in China who are attempting to introduced sterilized male mosquitoes into Shazai Island to stop the next generation of virus-carrying mosquitos.

Slack for Healthcare: What Enterprise Collaboration and Messaging can do for the Future of Healthcare
What would the future of healthcare look like if we leveraged consumer behaviour by adopting a holistic “Slack” experience - making direct communication and interoperability of health data easier and more accessible? A healthcare product designer with a sick child walks us through in detail.

Why Olympic Athletes Shouldn’t Try to Calm Down Before a Big Moment
When it comes to stress, we are used to the “Keep Calm and Carry On” approach. But maybe it doesn’t need to be something we try to eliminate. This article looks at how we can channel stress into productivity by looking at how athletes use pre-competition anxiety to their benefit.

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