Preventing HAIs with Hand Hygiene Audits

May 20, 2016 Andrea Ricci and Adam Scott

Have you ever been curious about using RL for tracking hand hygiene? With RL6:Infection, you have that capability! We offer a simple, yet effective, solution to prevent HAIs in your organization.

Hand hygiene audits in RL6:Infection are configurable, and allow you to define exactly what moments and groups to use for monitoring.

For example, let’s say you are monitoring Nurse 1. As you are tracking rubs, washes and misses, you can see a grid outlining the compliance, and history of moments. Also, as you continuously monitor, compliance rates populate automatically at the bottom of the screen. As more subjects require monitoring, add them to the list of people you observe as you go.


Hand hygiene is best on the go!

Hand hygiene is a hospital-wide responsibility, so it is important that various people can use the application. With RL6:Infection, you can pass the audit to another user on a tablet and give them the power to track multiple users simultaneously. 
Read more about hand hygiene and RL6:Infection or contact Adam.

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