How to Report RL6 Data to a PSO

October 27, 2016 Brandon Kucybala

Hi everyone! I’m Brandon! Today I am going to talk to you about reporting RL6 data to a Patient Safety Organization (or PSO).

In March, CMS issued a final ruling which aims to improve healthcare quality. It calls upon all organizations with more than 50 beds that contract with a Qualified Health Plan to work with a PSO or use an evidence-based quality initiative. The deadline to engage with a PSO is January 1st. So if you haven’t contracted with one yet, now’s the time!

If you’re collecting incidents in RL6 that you want to send a PSO, we can help. With RL’s standard PSO service, after you have contracted a PSO, RL can work with your organization to build an export package in the application. 

I've made a quick video to let you know what we'll need to get started, have a look: 

How to Report RL6 to a PSO


Thanks for watching this RL Insider on reporting RL6 data to a PSO. If you’re already a client, log into HUB to learn more!



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