What's New in RL6:Peer Review?

July 1, 2016 Stephanie Radcliffe

Peer review aims to help clinicians, especially doctors, improve the care they offer patients. It's considered so important that clinical peer review is mandated by many credentialing organizations. As one study put it, "The aim of peer review is not to spy on others, but rather to self-identify openly one’s weakness in the presence of trusted colleagues." So not only do you have to do it but it's the right thing to do. So how do you make peer review even easier?

In the latest version of RL6:PeerReview, RL has improved the flexibility of notifications, enhanced features to make the software work better for you and added dozens of new fields & reports. Read the highlights of what's new in 6.6.2 for PeerReview.

Want to see the FULL list of what's in the 6.6.2 release? Read the release notes 

More flexibility with notifications. Keep everyone in the loop and track ongoing reviews with better notifications in 6.6.2. You can remind reviewers and subjects of deadlines by adding a reminder date to review notifications and requests. With the latest version, you can also conduct a review of practitioner without notifying the subject of the review.

Share the love. In previous versions, you could start a peer review from an existing file and send data from other modules to PeerReview.  Now, you can send Peer Review data back-and-forth between other RL6 modules. For example, import data (if your role security allows it) from a PeerReview file to the Risk module like peer review outcome and resolution "case notes". If these identify a systems issue, now the Risk Manager or department head can be notified to make changes to prevent future errors. 
Set a 'final' review. Typically, when a physician is peer reviewed, several different reviewers write different reviews. But how do you say which one is the review of record? In 6.6.2, committee members can set one review as the review of record to standardize your reporting. 

Associate form letters to files. Administrators can now set up RL6 to prompt users to print a Form Letter after specific file submissions, based on triggers they set up. Watch the video to learn more

Better emails. We've made the look-and-feel of emails more consistent, applying the same styling and formatting to RL6:PeerReview emails that is present in emails generated from Tasks and Alerts. As well, we added a "CC" field to the notification dialog boxes so that an office manager, department chair or other user can be notified along with the recipient of the peer review. 

New reports and fields. RL added 22 out-of-the-box reports in addition to 13 new custom fields so clients can track important dates. As well, we've added 16 different trend fields for every date field (including custom date fields) to ensure data can be bucketed into time periods like weeks, months and quarters. Version 6.6.2 also has 38 new calculated fields to give administrators insight into how long it take a file to move through your workflow, such as the difference between a file's Closed and Entered Date.  

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