Saving Time in RL6 with the "Act As" Feature

August 25, 2016 Elisabeth White

If you often feel like you’re getting bogged down by e-mails from file managers stating, “I didn’t receive this alert!” “I’m not seeing a file in my Info Center?” You’re not alone. This was a pain point for many of our clients, which is why we created the “Act As” feature.

The “Act As” feature isn’t new but it’s little known—and is the ultimate time saver. Prior to the addition of this feature, clients had been telling us about the countless emails that would be sent back and forth or the need to physically cross paths with your file managers to look at their computer screens. The addition of this feature means that users with versions 6.5.5 and up can log into RL as any user and see RL6 through their eyes.

The “Acting As” feature is great for when employees go on vacation or maternity leave. With it, File Managers are able to assign another colleague with their workflow while they are away to ensure that events don’t fall through the cracks in their absence.

Finally, the days of calling file mangers to ask, “What are you seeing right now?” are over. Because this handy feature is also a great option to use when you are making changes to a user’s role or scope. It is a quick and easy way to check the implications of your changes.

To get this feature up and running for your organization, log into RL HUB to download and follow the instructions—and before you know it, you’ll be saving hours by helping your file managers use RL6.


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