RL Palooza - Day 3 Recap

June 8, 2016 Oi Hua Lee

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It’s all about hope

We kicked off day 3 with another inspiring keynote, this time by Stephen Cornish of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). We are so grateful to him for sharing his amazing experiences from working and helping those in need overseas.

In times of crisis, it’s so important to remember that things may seem impossible but solutions exist when the will is found.


Things we heard
“In healthcare, we use ‘HRO’ as a noun but it’s really a verb. It’s like fitness, you always have work to do. To stay highly-reliable, it takes work to maintain.” – Lori Pane, John Hopkins
“We don’t intend to surprise people in healthcare but we do it anyway because don’t always communicate well. If we’re not telling people the story of what to expect, they’ll fill in the details themselves.” – Wendy Singleton, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

“We look at peer review primarily as a quality assurance and improvement mechanism, which is strikingly different from most others in our profession.” - Dr. Kevin Shah, Duke Primary Care

Closing Night Gala
Our clients are stars to us, and we wanted to make sure they knew it! What better way to show them than to literally roll out the red carpet and give them the star treatment? From massages to manicures and a great dinner and show, we brought Hollywood North to RL for just one night, just for them.

Then, in true RL fashion, we danced the night away!



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