Finish your 'To Do' list: 3 Ways to Manage Your Incomplete Files

April 27, 2016 Andrea Ricci

Picture this: A front-line user begins to enter a file and steps away from her workstation to take an important phone call.  She forgets to complete the file, causing the system to time out and the file to be saved as incomplete. As a system admin, you have the opportunity to go through these files and determine if they should be deleted, or follow-up with the user to complete the file. 

There are three ways to clean up incomplete files in your system. Each depends on your workflow and the volume of incomplete files. Don't worry, we'll help you choose the one that works best for you!

Option 1: Widget in the Info Center
Creating a FILE BROWSE widget is highly useful for both File Managers and Front Line Entry users. Front Line users can use this setup to monitor their own submitted files that need completion, putting the responsibility on the reporter to complete. File Managers can configure the widget to monitor incomplete files from their department/scope.

  • Pros: Both Front Line Users and File Managers can monitor incomplete files. Doesn't add to the many emails/alerts File Managers already receive. Users can know if there are any incomplete files at one glance.
  • Cons: User will need to log in to RL6 to know what files are incomplete.

Option 2: Alerts
Users can create a watchdog alert to notify file managers of incomplete files. The frequency of these alerts can be configured to their preference (i.e., weekly or every 3 days). This allows File Managers to track incomplete files and notify the submitter or complete the submission themselves.

  • Pros: File Managers can be notified anywhere they have access to their email. With alert creation, File Managers can also be notified via the Alert Notifications Widget
  • Cons: Increases the amount of alerts and emails File Managers already receive. Workflow does not typically alert Front Line users.

Option 3: Admin Pick Reports
A simple list report can be created for File Managers to show a list of all files in the Incomplete state using a simple condition of File State = “Incomplete”. The report can further be added to the Admin Picks widget in a Report Center template that is readily available for the user. 

  • Pros: Admin Picks allow File Managers access to the report without the function to create a report. This gives them quick and easy access to run the report at any time, without waiting for a scheduled report or searching for the report in the Report Explorer.
  • Cons: User will need to be logged into RL6 for list of incomplete files. This method is not accessible by Front Line users.


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