5 Cool Alerts to Try This Summer

June 16, 2016 Sameen Montani and Sherry Clarke

Summer’s here, and for those of us on the East Coast, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. With just 3-4 short months of sunshine and heat, often times all we can think about is kicking up our feet and enjoying the weather. So we got to thinking, and quickly realized we couldn’t be the only ones, which is why we’ve put together 5 cool alerts to help you worry less and enjoy summer more. 

Volume Alert – Potential Duplicate File 
This alert is perfect for keeping your system tidy and neat. With this alert in place you’ll receive a message when a user submits a RL6:Risk file could potentially be a duplicate file. This alert gives you the opportunity to review the files and confirm whether or not they’re duplicates, so you can avoid the spring cleaning later. 

HL7 ADT Alert: Unresolved Complaints upon Discharge 
When a patient is discharged without having their ‘Complaint’ resolved, the ‘Complaint’ must now be classified as a ‘Grievance’ in RL6:Feedback. This alert will notify you when any in-patient’s Complaint is unresolved upon discharge. The recipients of the alert can now proactively take appropriate steps.

Watchdog Alert: Implementation Results 
When root causes are identified, RL6:RootCause allows you to assign action items to a user. This alert will send a message to RCA users when an action item has been deemed to have a negative or neutral effect on the Root Cause. This alert can then trigger an RCA committee to identify additional action items to address the outstanding Root Cause.

Volume Alert: Frequency of Care Ratings 
This alert is triggered when a specified number of peer reviews (regardless of committee) have received a care rating of questionable or inappropriate within a specified time period in RL6:Peer Review.

A note about Alerts in Peer Review: Because you can have multiple subjects and reviewers, it is possible to have multiple Reviews. Keep in mind that alerts are geared to the file level. You won’t be notified about each review but, rather, when the file has one review that meets the conditions. This is applicable to reviews including:

  • Watchdog Alert for Quality Concerns
  • Watchdog Alert for Questionable or Inappropriate Care Rating
  • Volume Alert for Frequent Care Ratings
  • Volume Alert for Volume of Quality Concerns
Watchdog Alert: Indemnity Exceeds Reserve
This alert triggers when the value of total indemnity exceeds total reserve on a particular file in RL6:Claims. 

These alerts aren’t just handy, they’re just what the doctor ordered to ensure a sweat free summer. Ready to set up these alerts at your facility? Clients can login to RL HUB to download our 'RL6 Alerts Cookbook' for detailed instructions on setting up the alerts. 

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